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Visiting Our Campus

Visitors/Messages/Phone Calls
Visitors are always welcome at Hesperian School. State law requires all visitors to check into the school office before proceeding anywhere onto the school campus. We request you sign in at the school office, and get a visitor’s badge. An appointment must be made prior to meeting with a teacher rather than dropping in before, during or after school.

To avoid classroom interruptions, please bring forgotten lunches, homework and all other items to the school office. If you must give your child a message regarding a change of pick up, please call at least 15 minute prior to their dismissal time. Continual calls to the classrooms at the end of the academic day disrupt the learning environment of the classroom and the teacher’s ability to close the school day appropriately.

We encourage members of our Hesperian School community to become involved in the school in any way possible. Some possibilities are listed below:
 Volunteering in the classroom
 Attending school-wide events such as Back-to-School night, Open House, and concerts
 Participating in the school-wide decision-making councils (SSC/ELAC)
 Participating in PTA events