Frequently Asked Questions

If your child has ANY symptoms of COVID-19 such as:
  • Fever 100 or higher
  • chills
  • cough
  • shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • fatigue
  • muscle or body aches
  • persistent headache
  • new loss of taste or smell
  • sore throat
  • congestion or runny nose
  • nausea or vomiting
  • diarrhea


If any student, regardless of vaccination status or previous infection, is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, they must remain home for at least ten (10) calendar days unless ALL of the following requirements are met:

  • Your child is feeling better AND
  • Your child has been fever free for 24 hours without taking fever reducing medications such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin)



  • Provide proof of a negative PCR test. PCR testing is available through SLZUSD. Please see the website for current hours and locations.


  • Your child’s medical evaluator (Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Certified Physician's Assistant) provides a letter indicating that symptoms are NOT due to COVID-19


All requests for return prior to the 10 day isolation time frame are subject to review of the information above by our School Site and District COVID-19 Liaisons.


  • Inform the school office immediately
  • Isolate at home for at least 5 days
  • In order to return to school:
  • If unable to test or choosing not to test, and symptoms are not present or are resolving, isolation can end after day 10 and the student can return to school on Day 11.
  • If symptoms, including fever, are still present/not resolving, continue to isolate until symptoms are resolved or until after day 10 (regardless of how many days are left in isolation).
  • Wear a well-fitting mask around others for a total of 10 days, especially in indoor settings.


Regardless of vaccination status or prior infection, who are NOT exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19:

  • May remain at school and continue participating in all classroom based activities and sports/extracurricular activities
  • Should get tested within 3-5 days after exposure
  • Any FDA-approved antigen diagnostic test, PCR diagnostic test, or pooled PCR test is acceptable for evaluation of an individual's COVID-19 status. Our District currently offers PCR testing for all students. View the testing schedule here.
  • For students who have been recently infected (within the past 90 days), antigen testing is strongly recommended as PCR results may remain persistently positive and not be indicative of a new active infection.
Please email these items to [email protected] or bring a PRINTED copy to the front glass doors the morning that your student is returning so we can verify the note and check the student in.
Contact your students teacher if you wish to get them work while they are out. You can also check Canvas or Google Classroom(if your child's teacher uses it)
If you have more questions or need more information please reach out to Linda Santillan at [email protected]
Please contact your child's teacher about chrome book exchanges. There are 2 ways to get a replacement chrome book. You can bring the chrome book to the main entrance of the school from 10-2, Monday-Friday, for a replacement or your child can get the necessary forms from their teacher, you can complete them and the student can bring the forms, chrome book and charger to the office for a replacement chrome book.
*Please note that once the chrome book is in your students possession, you are responsible for it.
Kindergarten students are dropped off at Gate B on Mills Avenue and picked up in front of the school on Drew St.
1st Grade students are dropped off at Gate B on Mills Avenue and picked up in the front of the school near the bus zone, on Drew St.
2nd Grade students are dropped off and picked up at Gate C on Tulsa Street.
3rd Grade Students are dropped off and picked up at Gate C on Tulsa Street.
4th Grade students are dropped off and picked up at the main entrance on Drew Street.
5th Grade students are dropped off and picked up at the main entrance on Drew Street.
SDC students are dropped off and picked up at Gate S on Mills Avenue next to the park.
  • At this time there are no parents/guardians allowed on campus . All students, with the exception of SDC, are dropped off at their designated gate and walk to their classrooms. On rainy days only, parents/guardians can walk their student to the edge of the buildings only.
  • Please DO NOT use the SDC  (gate S) gate unless your student is part of the SDC program. Gate S is designated strictly for the SDC students.
  • Please drive safely in the parking loop and around the entrance/exit gates.
  • DO NOT let your student out of the car in the middle of the street. This is very unsafe since there are many cars on the street at this time.
  • Please DO NOT double park and leave your car. If you wish to walk your student to the gate, please park your car in a designated/legal parking spot.
  • At NO TIME should you park in our neighbors drive ways. Please be respectful of their property.
Please email your students teacher to request a work packet for the time they are out.
To report an absence please call 510-317-5299 and leave a clear detailed message or you can send a detailed email to [email protected].
Data Confirmation is done every year for every student. It is the process of confirming your address, email address, phone numbers and emergency contacts. This must be done every year to keep your contact information as up to date as possible. Those who complete the data conformation before the first day of school will get their students teacher/class assignments via the Aeries Family Portal. Class/Teacher assignments will not be visible if Data Confirmation is not complete.