Digital Skills & Resources

Virtual Classroom Norms

Be Respectful: 

·  Be respectful and considerate of other students and staff.

·  Mute yourself when your teacher or another student is talking.

Be Responsible:

· Be on time to class; log on a few minutes before class begins.

· Be attentive and participate in the class discussions and activities;

avoid any other activities on your screen. 

· Follow school rules during a video session in what you wear,

your visible surroundings, and your chosen avatar.  

Be Prepared: 

· Make sure your computer is charged and that you are logged into your school account before the start of a video session.


Hesperian's School Ms. Sandy Liao


Hesperian's Community Liaison Jackie Perez

Community Liaison Jackie Perez

Hesperian's Librarian Ms. Linda

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