Instructional Programs

Instructional music, provided by a music specialist, is available to 5th grade students on a voluntary basis for those who are interested in band and orchestra. Choir will be available for students in grade 4 5 on a voluntary basis. All performance classes require a year commitment.

The classroom music program for grades 1-5, provided by a music specialist, includes a variety of activities that incorporate singing, note reading, composing, performance, movement, music listening and appreciation.

Students have the opportunity to visit the library weekly to select from a wide variety of books. We encourage students to bring their library books home to share with you. We appreciate any help you can provide in the care and return of materials. Reference books and encyclopedias may not be taken home. Book donations are appreciated!

The physical education program, provided by a physical education specialist, offers a wide range of activities and skill development. Emphasis is placed on self-improvement, participation and cooperation. The goal of physical education is to have each student physically fit, able to enjoy a variety of physical activities and committed to life long health and physical well being.

Collaboration Time gives teachers the opportunity to plan school-wide events, share curriculum materials and coordinate a cohesive curriculum for all students. Every Wednesday is an early dismissal day – 12:55 for grades 1-5 students. All kindergartners attend school from 8:00-1:15.