Special Needs

STUDENT SUPPORT TEAM The Student Support Team (SST) is composed of an administrator, the classroom teacher, the reading specialist, psychologist, and support personnel. It meets once a week to discuss teacher and /or parent referrals of students. Parents/guardians are invited to help understand the student's needs and develop an action plan that may include specific program modifications or additional resources.

SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY Speech and language therapy is provided for children who have specific communication needs, as determined by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). TITLE ONE PROGRAM Reading Specialist Teachers collaborate with the regular classroom teacher to provide individualized and small-group reading instruction to students reading significantly below grade level.

RESOURCE SPECIALIST PROGRAM The Resource Specialist (R.S.) provides instructional services to students with identified learning disabilities. The regular classroom teacher and R.S. work together to modify the classroom program according to the student's IEP.

RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION PROGRAM All students are given benchmark assessments at the beginning of the school year. Students who are identified as working below grade level are placed into intervention programs. Kindergarten through 3rd grade students are given reading intervention. Students who continue to struggle may be assessed for more intensive specialized intervention. In fourth and fifth grade, all students are placed into an English Language Arts group based on their needs. There are Benchmark, Strategic Intervention, and Intensive Intervention groups. Students may be moved between groups through the year as their needs change.