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Wellness Policies

Students who have a fever of over 100 F degrees whole at school, those who have vomited or have head lice (nits or louse) or other contagious conditions, MUST go home. If a child goes home ill, he or she will not be allowed to return to school the same day or attend the Boy’s & Girl’s Club.
If sent home with a high fever your child must remain at home for at least 24 hours
before returning to school. If your child is sent home due to a contagious condition, they must return with a doctor’s note.
If your child is sent home with head lice, they must be nit/egg free and cleared in the school office before being readmitted to class.

Students are not allowed to keep ANY medication at school, on their person, or in their purse or backpack. All medications, including prescriptions inhalers, prescription pills will not be dispensed to students unless a current Medication Form sign by a doctor and signed by the parent is on file in the school office. These forms are available in the office. All medications are locked in the school office and are dispensed by trained office staff only.

The following information is provided for you so that there will be confusion regarding the administration of medication in the school setting. The California School Nurse Organization and the California Department of Education approve the guideline that the district follows.
 All medication*, including oral, topical, eye or ear drops, inhalers, prescription tablets or injections prescribed by a physician, need to have a Physician’s Consent form completed by that physician and a completed Parent/Guardian Designation for Administration of Medication form turned into the office before the student is able to take the medication. This is true even if the medication is sold over the counter with out a prescription. This means that if a parent wants their child to receive Tylenol at school (or any such over the counter drug), we may not administer that medication without a doctor’s order and a parent’s authorization.
 All medication must be in it’s original container and have the name of the child on the original prescription label. The label must include an expiration date.
 The California School Nurse Association recommends that no over the counter medication be accepted unless it arrives in an unopened bottle.
If medications are sent without the proper authorizations as mentioned above, we will make every attempt to reach the parent to let them know that the medication will not be administered. These requirements will continue to be strictly enforced by our office staff as they have been in the past. We ask for your cooperation in this important matter.

 Please contact the San Lorenzo district nurse for authorization and current information on requirements related to the use of inhalers and epi-pens, on school campuses.