Tech Support FAQ

Tech FAQ
  • Who can I call for help? Please note that our [email protected] is on a heightened alert to quickly assist our students and families. To contact the CommunityTechSupport via telephone families can call 510.317.4754 or email at [email protected]
  • What is my child's school email address? Your students school email address will be their student id plus For example: [email protected]
  • What is my student's Google password?/My student cant get into Google with their password from last year: For TK-2nd students, the password has been set as the word...password... At their first log on they will use the word...password... and then be prompted to create a password of their choice. For 3rd-5th students, they can use the same password they have been using since they have entered the San Lorenzo school district.
  • What if my students password does not work? Please contact your students teacher and they can request it be reset.
  • My student's Zoom Icon is not showing up in the waffle. What should I do? Please have your student log out of their google account and log back in. They can also access zoom by clicking on the meeting link provided by the teacher in google classroom or in an email. They can go to their Google Dashboard and find the Zoom Icon or they can go to
  • Does your student need to borrow a District Internet Hotspot? Please let your student's teacher know you need to borrow a district internet hotspot. A family member can then call Caryn Mason, 510-317-4643, for an appointment to pick up a hotspot.