Did you know? FAQs

Did You Know...?
1. The first day of school is Wednesday, August 21st.
2. If your child was in TK last school year (2018/19), you DO NOT have to register them for Kindergarten... they will be automatically rolled over into Kindergarten. You DO have to do the annual, mandatory Data Confirmation before school starts.

3. Data Confirmation is simply reviewing your Aeries parent portal account and making sure your home address, email address, phone numbers and emergency contacts are all UP TO DATE. Print and sign the signature page and turn it into the office on the first day of school. If you can not print the signature page, we will have then in the office for youth complete and sign. Click on the Parent Portal Quick Link above to start.

4. Join us for a popsicle party Tuesday, August 20th at 2pm in the front of the school. The class assignments will be posted outside during this time and you can meet some of the staff and teachers. YOUR CHILD'S CLASS ASSIGNMENT WILL NOT BE POSTED IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE DATA CONFIRMATION PROCESS ONLINE.
5. If your student arrives to class at 8:01 they are Tardy according to district policy. Please make sure your child is at school by 7:55 and in their class line prior to the 8:00 bell.
6. If you pick up your child 30 minutes or more before the end of the school day, it will count on their attendance record as a Tardy per district policy. This includes field trip days, when the return time is 30 minutes or more, before the end of the school day.

7. Please report absences by calling our absence line at (510) 317-5299.

8. Even excused absences count toward your child's overall attendance record.

9. Hesperian is a CLOSED CAMPUS for the safety of the students and staff. This means, NO ONE is to enter the school halls, classrooms, outside yards, cafeteria, etc. without checking in with the office and getting a visitors badge. If you do so, you will be approached by a staff member and asked to go directly to the office.

10. Breakfast is free for every student every day and is offered from 7:45-7:55.

11. Free lunch applications can be filled out online or at the district office. Applications submitted online will be processed much faster than paper applications. The child nutrition department will then contact you with a decision. Until you have received your decision, your child can purchase lunch each day for $2.50 or bring a lunch from home. We do offer a vegetarian option each day.

12. Bus applications are available in the District Office. Whether your child qualifies to ride the bus or not depends on the distance between your home and the school. The decision is determined by the Transportation Department staff.