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Welcome to Ms. Rundle's Teacher Page

I love, love, love to travel. This picture was taken in Scotland. I am planning another trip in 2019. I also have a sweet yellow Labrador Retriever Bella. We compete with NACSW for Canine Scent Detection. She is trained to find scent just like a police dog. She has many 1st place ribbons, and we are competing at the Elite Level- the highest level.

Inspired by
Reading! Reading is the single most important thing you will use your entire life. I love to watch children learn to read and grow with confidence to become a lifelong reader. “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Fredrick Douglass

I am a Pioneer. I attended California State University Hayward (now Cal State East Bay) and received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies. I also chose to continue my study at Cal State Hayward and receive my teaching credential there. A few years later I decided to go back to Cal State East Bay and continue my learning and received a Masters Degree of Science in Education and my Reading Specialist Credential.

District Tools I Use

I take attendance using Aeries. You can stay on top of attendance through the Aeries Family Portal or Aeries App

Report Cards
I use Aeries to generate report cards. Families can view report cards through the Aeries Family Portal.

Sangha Interactive App
I have not yet started to use the Sangha App to communicate with families.  I will update my Teacher Page when I begin using it.  If you are subscribed to this page, you will be notified via email.

Other Tools I Use
Newsletters to keep you informed about what we are learning, loving, and doing in Room 33.