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Hi Hesperian Hawks!!!

A Message from Ms. W:

I hope you all are doing well. Even though this isn't under the best circumstances we have to choose to be joyful and grateful. Keep a positive attitude and remember that this will eventually pass. Use this gifted time to enjoy what you may have not had time to before. Take the time to ask your family members questions that you've always wondered, read a book that you haven't had the time to read, watch a movie that you absolutely enjoy and don't forget to take the time to laugh. I miss you all and I hope to hear from you.
I would like to be a support to you all so please join my google classroom. Also feel free to email me if you need to get in contact with me:
Email address: 
Google class code:  nkt2c4v

Hi my name is Adrienne Witherspoon and I am the School Counselor at Hesperian Elementary. When I am not busy with my dream job, I am cheering loudly in the crowd at my older son’s basketball games or snuggling with my youngest son. I enjoy writing and aspire to be a published author someday soon.

Inspired by
My two sons, family and the reality that everyone needs someone to be an encouragement, especially children and the adults that work with them.

"Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud"  ~Dr. Maya Angelou